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Akinori Hattori

Akinori, originally from Japan, graduated from a Japanese vocational school of acupuncturist and moxibutionist in 2014. He worked for a clinic as assistant acupuncturist and massage therapist when he studied at the school from 2011. After 3 years training and study at the school, he worked for some clinics as an acupuncturist, moxibutionist and massage therapist, and worked for some rugby teams as a medical staff including the amateur and club team and high school and junior high school rugby team until 2018. Also he worked as part time therapist at the Japanese pro rugby team. Because he worked for some rugby team, he is interested in New Zealand. Therefore he decided to work in New Zealand.

He uses gentle touch and gentle needling, and his treatment is based on Oriental medicine, which is a method of balancing the body using meridian lines and acu-point of whole body, and Western medicine. He combines with the both medicine to best fit the patient’s conditions and needs. As his experience of sports team, he is especially good at treatment for musculoskeletal injuries.

He loves to watch the games of sports, especially rugby, and loves movies also, his favorite movie is of course The Lord of the Rings. He is excited the beautiful nature around Queenstown.