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Antonia Mathers

Antonia comes  from a very close farming family in Northland with a special heritage to the Hokianga coast. Having a close relationship to the natural world is something that has always been important to her and after finishing school a pathway in natural medicine flowed pretty congruently. Antonia studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM in Auckland and the Qigong and Taoist based Oriental College in the Netherlands. Mainly known for Acupuncture TCM is also the practice of Tuina (medical massage), Qigong and Herbal therapy. After graduating in Antonia practiced in Auckland and volunteered overseas and she has developed special interests in musculoskeletal therapy, mental-emotional care and nutrition, philosophy and Yoga as avenues of self-care. Antonia is passionate about both holistic healthcare and a positive synthesis of Western and Eastern thought and medicine.