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Srujana Rao

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Srujana hails from Auckland, and has enjoyed the many benefits of chiropractic care after discovering it as a teen. 

Since graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC), her passion for helping everyone express their optimum health and wellbeing, by enhancing the brain body connection through chiropractic care continues to grow. 

She has a tailor-made approach for everyone and is focused on recognising and adapting her care for everyone’s unique life experience.  She has a strong focus on the latest research, which guides her practice. 

Her personal mission is to contribute to her community by helping everyone THRIVE and express the best version of themselves so they can navigate the wonderful peaks and valleys of life with ease. 

Her mission is driven by a love of seeing adults and children thrive under chiropractic care, because it’s afamily affair! 

During her free time, you will find Srujana doing yoga, playing netball, biking, kayaking or playing violin.

Srujana was drawn to Queenstown for it’s remarkable mountains and is looking forward to being a local so she can enjoy all it has to offer during all four seasons!